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Manjubhen & Co is a strictly vegetarian home-based food provider specializing in traditional Gujarati cuisine. The business was informally founded by ManjuBhen Paima more than 20 years ago who has established a respected reputation among the Indian community in Johannesburg and beyond. ManjuBhen & Co provides two main forms of food services:

  1. We cook for large events ranging from weddings, parties, prayers, funerals, and any other events.
  2. We specialize in traditional Gujarati savory snacks such as papadums, pickles (all varieties), samosas, kachodi, etc.

ManjuBhen & Co have always operated as a family orientated company encompassing high quality, care and hygiene in the food we make. Our brand is built around this ideal. 

Contact : Vandana Paima

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Gauteng 0118373241

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