Applying for your RSA Passport / ID online

If you’re like me and barely have time to breathe amid the million and one things you need to get done, standing in a long queue in a musty government building would not be on top of your list. I always try to find ways to make my life a little easier, and if it can be done online from the comfort of whatever chair I am occupying, then yippee for me 🙂

So when I lost my green bar-coded ID book, my world went upside down! This was the ID document that I got while I was still in high school, and no, I will not reveal how long ago that was :D! I kept on thinking, there’s no way I can get a day off to get the forms, complete the application, get photos done and then return to submit and make payment.

So I hit Google and yes, jackpot! Home affairs, you beaut! I could apply for my smart card ID, pay and submit forms online!

Bonus: I could apply for my passport at the same time!

Comes in handy if you’re changing your surname and need a new ID document or if you want to get your passport done for the honeymoon travels.

You can :

eHomeAffairs allows the following:

  • Submit applications online 
  • Upload supporting documents 
  • Make online payments 
  • And schedule a booking to visit a Home Affairs enabled Bank offices

Note: A branch visit is mandatory for the capture and verification of your biometric detail (photos, fingerprints, and signature). No appointment/booking is required to visit any Home Affairs office.

Applications can be made for adults and minors if required.

Easily accessible tabs on the top of the page to register/login and FAQ’s. The site currently lists 140 smart card office across South Africa for your in-person visit. The process was painless enough.


Home affairs no longer issue temporary passports – click here to read more

Click here for information on applying for your RSA passport.

Links below for more information :

Home affairs online application

Smart ID card offices in South Africa


Happy wedding planning!

The above information/links were obtained directly from the home affairs website. We strongly suggest you visit the official website to ensure information is correct and up to date before actioning.