Coronavirus (COVID-19) : Advice to the public by the World Health Organization (WHO)

Please stay safe, informed and help educate those around you.  We can help each other survive this. Below are low-resolution versions of these easy to read infographics.  I have placed a downloadable link at the end of the post for the original files. Be Ready for coronavirus Protect yourself and others from getting sick Ask … Continue reading Coronavirus (COVID-19) : Advice to the public by the World Health Organization (WHO)

Surprise Proposal : Theolan & Riasha

Oh man, are we excited to share this stunning couple shoot submitted by our premium vendor, Minisha Ramudu Photography! Minisha teaming up with Suzy White from The Perfect Proposal to shoot a surprise proposal at the Michelangelo Hotel in Sandton, Johannesburg.  Set in the heart of Sandton City, this gorgeous 5-star hotel was the perfect … Continue reading Surprise Proposal : Theolan & Riasha

What bollywood songs are still rocking 2019!

Wedding season is in full swing and I am sure you're on the hunt for that awesome wedding / sangheet playlist!  Here's a list of some current and not so current hit item songs still rocking 2019. Ankh Marey   Leja Re   Chote Chote   Makhna   She Move it … Continue reading What bollywood songs are still rocking 2019!

Trending : Short lehengas for your mehendhi

Finally, I get to see more of these!  I always wondered why brides wore long, heavy lehengas/cholis when doing their bridal henna, it made no sense to me. For one - If you're doing full bridal henna, which includes your legs, you will have to raise the skirt anyway and it's just cumbersome finding space … Continue reading Trending : Short lehengas for your mehendhi

Low-Calorie Cocktails for any event

Yes, ladies, one of the biggest concerns for your big day is making sure that killer wedding outfit fits like a bomb!  But how are you supposed to watch those calories with all the events and parties coming your way?  You know drinks are involved and most drinks pack a heavier punch than food in … Continue reading Low-Calorie Cocktails for any event

Jesal & Puneet’s Wedding |Balmoral Gardens

  Tell us a little about yourselves Puneet and I consider ourselves to be the perfect opposites.  Our personalities, approach to life, ability to "breathe fire" and our heights are on opposite ends of the spectrum. Nonetheless, our zest for life brought us together on several occasions, and we finally started our incredible journey together … Continue reading Jesal & Puneet’s Wedding |Balmoral Gardens

Is it worth doing a trial with my make-up artist?

Yes, Yes and undeniably Yes!  I feel it is one of the most important days in your life and how you look and feel on this day stays with you for years to come.  Most brides dream of how they look or rather have an expectation ever since they were young girls watching that tear-jerker Bollywood / Hollywood movies.