Best bridal hairstyles for your dupatta

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Choosing your ideal hairstyle to suit a veil/dupatta setting can be confusing.  Here are some ideas that work well and can assist you in making the right choice.

Center Path

This hairstyle suits a three-piece headpiece or single piece jewellery. Either type of jewellery suits this veil setting. It is a timeless style that exudes class and elegance.


This hairstyle also looks amazing if the side parts are poofed or given body so as to not look so flat.


Side Path

A modern look and perfect with a single headpiece of jewellery. Can be varied with a high or low bun setting.


A side path looks elegant, it can help to shorten a very long face and help to disguise a big forehead.   If you have a big forehead then you can use a larger styled headpiece.


Sleek, all back

This is a look that creates a very simplistic, no fuss but effective look. It looks really complimentary with a three-piece head jewellery. It does not suit brides that have an untidy hairline as much of your forehead is exposed.


Front Poof

A beautiful hairstyle which creates a glamorous and soft look. Perfect for a single piece headpiece jewellery . The veil sits more forward on the poof giving it an added bridal look. A front poof can help make a round face appear longer. It’s not ideal for a person with a very long, oval face.


Open Curls

A Western and Eastern-inspired look. You need voluminous and glamorous curls to really make this hairstyle stand out. The veil also needs to be light but some added volume on the crown can give support to the veil. Suits a single headpiece and three-piece head jewellery.  Open curls like this look great with a side part. If you have a full face, the side curls can soften and hide some of the fullness of your face.


Side Curled Hairstyle or Plait

A very modern take on the traditional up-style for a veil setting. This hairstyle can compliment almost any face shape. The jewellery can be a three-piece taken to the one side and if you wear a single headpiece then you can add a jhumar on the side before the veil. The veil needs to be light and there is not much support compared to where a veil sits on a bun.


Side bun hairstyle

A soft romantic look, it does not need a high veil setting. It is perfect for hiding a very long neck and softening the face and works well if you don’t like all your hair in an up-style.


Happy styling!

This blog post was brought to you by : Makeup by Shoba
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