Best tips for creating your wedding hashtag

Hashtag 101 for all our funky brides out there!

Our TOP tip: Keep it short and easy to remember!

1. Use your names

This is the simplest and easiest way to create hashtag unique to your wedding. Go one step further and use your nicknames if you have any.

2. Add numbers

You could use your wedding date, year or number sequences that are significant to you as a couple.

3. Use puns

A lot of our Hindu based names have meanings, find clever ways of combining parts of your names to create a quirky pun when reading the hashtag.

4. Research

Do a quick hashtag search on Instagram to see if the hashtag already exists/used before.

5. Capitals

If you are going to create a slightly longer than usual hashtag, use capital letter to distinguish the words so it makes for easier reading.

6. Use popular words

Try to join popular wedding words in your hashtag, such as, “weds”, “love” etc. These

7. Not allowed

Do not use symbols, spaces, dashes or special accents in your hashtags – these break up the hashtags and make them more difficult to remember.

Also stay clear of using initials and dates only – you could end up with several weddings with the same initials and dates, especially on public holidays!

Happy wedding planning!

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