Gift registries, the way to go!

Presents!  Everyone loves presents, giving and receiving, so you know that loved ones would want to spoil/give you a helping hand on your new journey.  If you’re like me, and your taste changes a few times, buying you a gift might be a little daunting.  If you’re a more specific bridal couple or just know what you guys want, a gift registry is a great and easy way to get your guests to purchase gifts.

Here are a few in South Africa that are worth checking out.

MR Price House & Home


I have always enjoyed there versatile and affordable range. There is a high possibility that you will find something you like here.

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What caught my eye with Wrapistry was the Cash fund option :D!  This provides your guests with an option of cash gifts to you, and what’s more – you can create categories so that they can choose where they would like to gift you.  For example, money towards your honeymoon, a charity of your choosing or home improvement.  Con – there is a 2.95% credit card fee applied to your funds before you receive it.  FREE delivery 😊

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Yuppie Chef


“We stock over 8,000 products from 300 of the world’s leading brands. From knives, cookware, and appliances, to soft furnishings, craft beer and the finest ingredients; we’ve sourced, tried and tested the best quality products we can find.”  Free delivery …whoop, whoop!

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Other online shopping options

Edgars Home

Previously Boardmans.  With the new launch of Edgars home, we are excited to see what they have in store for us.  FREE delivery over R650.

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Wanting to give back? 

Feed it Forward


As with every event, food is a priority to ensure a successful day.  We invest a lot in food and in most instances, we end up with a surplus amount that is wasted.  Feed it Forward is a recently launched company that redistributes excess perishable food from your day to charitable recipients in need.  With the use of their online app, they collect the perishable food and donate, on your behalf, to a recipient within a certain radius from your venue.  This ensures that the quality of food is maintained.

Their online services are simple and easy to use.  Get your caterer, venue or wedding planner in touch with Feed it Forward to get the process going.

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Kiff Bru Projects


“A Cape Town based company, KBP focuses on easy, affordable and secure giving opportunities in 3 important categories in South Africa: Health, Education and Animal Welfare. We research and select one organisation per category and focus specifically on their requirements for the year. Whether it’s a school needing supplies for their learners, a clinic or underfunded animal shelter, KBP works with each organisation to determine what they need in order for it to improve their conditions and remain operational.

Using this information, KBP turns these requirements into a wish list of “gifts,” and every gift purchased is a step towards achieving their goals.”

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Looking at creating your own fundraiser?  Why not consider using online crowdfunding websites.  There are so many to choose from, I came across the below 2 options that you can consider.

1. Backabuddy –

Sunday Times, November 2017 – “Crowdfunding and fundraising platform BackaBuddy has become the first website of its kind in South Africa to raise over R50-million for its charities and campaigns.”

How it works

2. Thundafund –

How it works

Happy wedding planning 🙂