How to dress for your couple shoot


Whether you are doing a down to earth, barefeet-in-the-grass sort of shoot or something more elegantly high-end, we strongly suggest that some form of planning/styling should be done to get the best out of your session.  Here are a few tips/suggestions to get you on the right track.

No matchy-matchy

Go for a more complimentary look rather than outright matching your partner.  How do you do this?  The easiest way to start is by choosing a colour palette and creating your ensemble from there.  Normally us girls already have an idea of what we want to wear, begin with that and then choose a colour or 2 from your outfit for your partners.  Pinterest is a great source for finding a palette that you like.  If you’re not into the colour match, then go for complimentary colours. Keep it simple and timeless.


Solid colours

Choosing solid colours for your session works really well!  It keeps the images clean, elegant and with all the focus on you and your partner.

Signature piece

A belt, beautiful headband, a well-placed piece of chunky jewelry – adds just the right amount of oompf to any session.  Choose one or 2 signature pieces and rock the look.


Texture & Layers

Adding clothing with texture to your wardrobe always provides an interesting take!  Textures, such as wools, leather, sheer/transparent, lace: these make for popping, intriguing images.

Feel free to layer up!  A beautiful maxi dress with a lace shawl draped across the shoulders, top, jacket and a scarf – the combinations are endless, and for all seasons.  If you’re going traditional – our lehengas and sarees have plenty of layers 🙂

Double up

You can mix things up with having 2 outfits for your session.  Have fun with it.


Name brands

Unless this is exactly what you looking for, try not to wear clothing with large name brands – these stand out and distracts the eye from you two lovebirds.

The right time

You can plan your session around a specific theme, season, or even a holiday.  Think about what you would like to use the images for or what is your favourite thing to do.


Always welcome :).  Bring along little trinkets or meaningful items that you would like in the session.  If you like a more free look, balloons, playful toys or even a styled picnic.  Whatever grabs your fancy – go with it.


Pamper yourself

You will have these images for a lifetime – look your best and cherish the moment.  I strongly suggest getting your hair and makeup done – nothing beats a well-groomed couple.  You will feel amazing and this will definitely show in your images!

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*Images sourced from Pinterest for illustration purposes only