Is a seating plan necessary for my wedding?

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Trying to decide whether you need a seating plan for your wedding?  Michelle, head wedding planner at Trendy Occasions, shared her thoughts with us.

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Being in the industry for years, I have often been asked if a seating plan is needed and my answer is always a confident YES!  There is no need for individual place cards but table allocation is a must.

I understand how time-consuming it is to go through the process of determining which guests to seat together but on the day, this allows for a smooth entrance into the reception area.  Let’s take a quick look at some of the pros and cons.

Without a seating plan:

  • Guests tend to take longer to find a seat
  • Guests start moving chairs to tables to sit with family
  • Couples and families can get split up

 With a seating plan:

  • Order when entering the reception area.
  • If you have 150 guests and more, have two seating plans on the side of the entrance. This will prevent all of your guests gathering at one point looking for their names.
  • It allows staff to coordinate a meal service with specific requirements

 You don’t have to spend hours making adjustments to your seating plan.  Allocate a single day/evening to compile and re-look at it in a few days to finalise😊

 Good luck!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Michelle Krause is the owner and head wedding planner at Trendy Occasions. She has worked as a venue coordinator and head planner at two, 5-star venues in Johannesburg. Her exposure to the fast pace of the event planning life, the coming and going of trends and the relationships built with some of the top vendors in the industry, ignites her passion for what she does.