Is it worth doing a trial with my make-up artist?

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Yes, Yes and undeniably Yes!  I feel it is one of the most important days in your life and how you look and feel on this day stays with you for years to come.  Most brides dream of how they look or rather have an expectation ever since they were young girls watching that tear-jerker Bollywood / Hollywood movies.


So, what are some of the benefits of having a trial:

  1. It gives you an opportunity to meet them face to face and to view their work first hand, not just relying on pictures and other opinions. You get to experience their skills up close in order to make up your own mind. It also means you are able to judge if you can get along and if you are comfortable with them being in your personal space.


  1. The trial is such a great way to discuss what you do like and what you don’t by showing examples of makeup looks and how you want your makeup to be on your big day. A photo speaks a million words and can express what words can’t. Most makeup artists are visual and by showing pictures, it gives them a clear indication of what you want and the opportunity for the makeup artist to offer their recommendations on what might suit you.

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  1. Having a trial gives you a glimpse of how you will look on your big day and your makeup will photograph as well. You can also perfect your look by adjusting certain aspects of your make up applications after the trial by providing feedback to your makeup artist, for e.g. adjust your eyeshadow colours or add more blush. You can also judge how long the makeup lasted until you had to touch up. Remember that the makeup artist is meeting you for the first time so any feedback will ensure that you get your make up perfected for your special day.


  1. I find that many brides that come for a trial get a sense of relief after the trial as it is one less thing to worry about and that you can now focus your energy on other tasks that need to be attended to.

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  1. Having a trial saves time and eliminates any surprises on the wedding day. The trial also allows the makeup artist to play around in getting to know which of your features need to be enhanced.




  1. Makeup artists will also be able to give you suggestions like beauty tips or how to prep your skin so that it’s at its best for the wedding day makeup.



Brought to you by Indian Bridal Styling by Shoba