Nayan & Vashani’s Wedding Festivities

Nayan & Vashani share their beautiful day with us!

Tell us a little about yourselves

Nayan and I have known each other all our lives, we grew up in the same community sharing the same circle of family and friends.  In 1997, at the age of 7, we did our first Diwali dance, not only were we in the dance together but we were paired up as dance partners.   As the years passed, we both went our separate ways but in 2006 we reconnected.  I must admit that I was very reluctant at first but I came around and I am very happy that I did.

In 2007, we went to my matric dance together and have since enjoyed many other functions in each other’s company.  In 2017, Nayan proposed along with our formal engagement following not long after.

And finally on 29th April 2018, over a decade later, Nayan and I got married!


Where was your wedding held?  

Our wedding was held in our local community hall, Marlboro Community Centre, Marlboro, Sandton, Johannesburg.



How did your personalities and individual styles influence your wedding setting?

I am not an over the top person, my motto is plain but elegant.  I think that this was made very clear in not only my wedding decor but also my choice of a wedding outfit.


Wedding planning can be stressful, tell us a little about the ups and downs you experienced in putting your big day together.

Wedding planning is indeed very stressful, especially when you are trying to please a lot of people simultaneously.  I had a lot of disagreements with my family with regards to almost everything from decor to the carpets but the most important thing to remember is to compromise.


Did you have any DIY projects, if yes, what were they?

We had quite a lot of DIY projects, but to name a few:

  • Wedding parcels that were given to the groom on the wedding day
  • Decorating of the clay pots for pre-wedding functions


Most memorable moments?

Having all our family and friends around.

Any tips/tricks/advice for our future bridal couples out there?

Pick your battles – choose what’s most important to you and fight for that, compromise on everything else.


 Photography: Hemisha Bhana Photography 

Photography & Videography: Jatin Makkan Photography

Decor: Devas Wedding Planning , Sangita Deva 

Makeup, Hair & Dressing: Rita Soma – 079 247 7062