Photography Styles

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There are currently two types of photography out there.


This is the most common form of photography today.  The biggest advantage here is time and the number of images possible.  You could get your images much sooner, with a larger number of images supplied at a lower cost when compared to film photography.  Some photographers can have images displayed that very day, due to the immediate access to the digital files.

Pros for you: Possibly more images faster


Film has a softer, classic look and feel to the images.  Some in the photographic field, refer to it as organic.  The developing of film does cost more and takes time.

To note : Limited number of images (if the cost is a factor) that can take a little longer to receive.  Time also depends on the photographer and what he/she can offer.

My motto has always been ‘Quality over quantity”, and this can be achieved with either one of the above types of photography.  Often, most cannot distinguish between digital and film photography these days.  With a dash of artistic talent and great software, digital images can be made to have a ‘film’ feel to it.  The choice is yours.


This might seem like a lot to take in right now but sometimes having a little background knowledge can help you take your wedding day to the next level.  Many couples don’t really think about styles and when they get their images back, some think that maybe they would have liked more candid shots or wanted a more high-end fashion look for their creative shots.  Below are a few common photography styles around that could assist you in deciding what you would really like your images to look like.  You can choose one specific style or maybe you would like a little bit of everything.  Having a better understanding of the different styles takes you closer to booking your ideal photographer.

Traditional / Classic

These are our traditional shots that almost every wedding consists of.  Keeping your images, traditional, timeless, bold, gorgeous and with a dash of the photographer’s creative talent.

Documentary / Photojournalistic / Lifestyle

Raw, unplanned, candid are a few ways of describing this style of photography.  Your photographer is ‘invisible’ during your day and captures moments as they happen.  Natural smiles, raw emotions, and realistic images.

Photography by : Kavo R Photography

Lifestyle – some direction is given but kept minimal so as not to take away from the natural flow of the day.  Here, the photographer might choose to use this approach during your couple shoot or group photos where needed.


This is full-on guidance and direction from the photographer.  He/she will pose/arrange the couple to create boldly striking images with flair.  Lots of close-ups and artistically cropped images.


Photography by : Minisha Ramudu Photography

High Fashion

Bam – images that can easily be seen sprawled across a glossy double paged magazine feature.  High-end fashion feel with creative poses and dramatic looks usually accompanied by off-camera lighting and flash.

Photography by : TTL Photography

Fine Art

Taking your moments and creating an artistic masterpiece.  This usually takes a bit of preparation and posing with artistic post editing.  You can have images with rolling landscapes, abstract features and beautifully posed couples like paintings in a gallery.  Finding unique and out of the box opportunities to illustrate a feeling/emotion from your day.

Drone Photography

A style of photography that’s on the rise and becoming more and more popular with newlyweds.  Takes in the scene with a bird’s eye view of your celebrations.  Details are not so much a priority but rather the imagery of the venue or event.  Perfect for ceremonies held in remote areas where breath-taking landscapes are in abundance.  This style can be expensive and does take skilled professionals to pull off.

Drone Photography by : Yuvi K Photography

Many photographers have a combination of styles – Portrait / Lifestyle / Documentary or Fine Art / Portraiture.  Options are out there.

Happy wedding planning 🙂

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