Simple DIY Paper decor ideas to wow!

I am in full on craft mode. Coming out from the festive season, we all know the pockets are quite empty, so out comes the DIY tricks to help you save a penny or two. I have rediscovered my love for paper and getting the simplest things done with this versatile medium – keeping it green by using recycled materials or leftover gift-wrapping will do just nicely 🙂

I found these fabulous décor ideas for using paper to give your mehndhi / sangeet / nalangu evenings a unique twist!

Paper buntings / Garlands / Chains

These are so universal and fabulous to boot with colour combinations to blow your mind. Hang simple buntings in and around your venue, or use as a backdrop for you oh-so-chic photo booth, hang from the ceilings and create a waterfall of colour over your guests…you can have a field day with options available!

Paper chains always adorned our makeshift Christmas trees when I was younger!  Great idea for the whole gang to get involved in!

Paper Feathers

A little on the boho side with this simply cute idea. You could go small and have these tied to your favours or as pretty centerpieces to draw the eye!

by – click here for how to.

Paper fortune cookies

Ok, this just had me tickled…soooo simple to make, it blew my mind! I think these would make unique name tags atop your plate settings. Mix it up a little and maybe add some goodies on the inside to wow your guests!

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Paper straw easels

Yes, you know where I am going with this – another alternative for your name tags or placing your menus on the tables.

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Paper Globes

Ok, so this might take a little more work to make, but it will be worth it to see them strung up and around your venue in your theme colours! Having an outdoor summer event? Imagine these interspersed with your fairy light strings to create a beautiful canopy!

Paper windmills

These bring back some awesome childhood memories and what better way to add a sense of fun to your festivities with this oldie. On a small scale – attach to favours, on a larger scale – beautiful backgrounds!

Happy wedding planning!

Images sourced from Pinterest for illustration purposes only!