Trending : Short lehengas for your mehendhi

Finally, I get to see more of these!  I always wondered why brides wore long, heavy lehengas/cholis when doing their bridal henna, it made no sense to me.

For one – If you’re doing full bridal henna, which includes your legs, you will have to raise the skirt anyway and it’s just cumbersome finding space for the extra material while your henna artist tries her best to work around it.

Two – South African Springs/Summers are scorchers and the extra length has any bride melting away most times.

Three – You can never go wrong with showing a bit of ankle 🙂

Here are a few images were brides wore shorter length skirts and totally rocked it!

Loved these one-pieces!


Shorter skirts not your style?  Why not go for a high slit, or sarong look?

Not a skirt kinda girl?  No stress, these Punjabi-style outfits with a shorter pant/tights work just as well!

Still looking for something different? Why not pair your gorgeous skirt with a sleek shirt and popping accessories for a modern, chic look.

I hope you found some inspiration for your unique pre-wedding look!

Happy wedding planning!

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