Wedding cakes trending in 2018

The 2018 wedding season has kicked off!  This year has not seen a great leap from the 2017 trends with most of our favourites still on the hit list!  With Spring in the air and the brides all a chipper, let’s have a look at what to expect this wedding season in the cake department!


We kick off with the ever popular and still keeping the number one slot, the naked wedding cakes.  Adding a little bit of flair and maybe a combination of other 2017 trends, the drip, and gold leaf add a beautiful touch to the naked cake popularity.

Naked cakes


Hot on their heels is the brush stroke wedding cake.  

Brush stroke cakes


For the playful romantic at heart, hand painted cakes are bringing back those barefeet -in-the-sand, and running-through-floral-fields kind of emotions!

Painted cakes


Blowing my mind with the new possibilities and design options that will take your wedding to that next level!

Geod Cakes


Hanging in there with grace and dignity, the ever classic monogrammed cakes are still a favourite.

Monogram Cakes

What’s your pick?

*Images sourced from Pinterest for illustration purposes only.