Yuriesha & Nadir’s Wedding Celebration

Tell us a little about yourselves

I am Yuriesha, and my husband is Nadir. We met 5 years ago, got engaged in November 2017 and tied the knot in November 2018.

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Where was your wedding held?

Our wedding was held in The Benoni Shiv Temple and our wedding reception was held at Serengethi Estates.

How did your personalities and individual styles influence your wedding setting?

I am quite a planner, so I planned in advance and wanted to be in control while Nadir is very relaxed, doesn’t stress as much as me so he helped me find a balance.
He also allowed me to incorporate everything I wanted, including spreading our wedding and reception over two days. It helps to have an understanding of each other.

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Wedding planning can be stressful, tell us a little about the ups and downs you experienced in putting your big day together.

I think the biggest challenge is dealing with different vendors in order to make everything work over our 4-day celebration. It’s all about communication and everyone works in their own ways so you have to develop an understanding with them.
With the pre-wedding function and the wedding, there are lots of rituals that need to be performed, this also becomes overwhelming but if you take the time to understand the significance, it makes it easier.
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Did you have any DIY projects, if yes, what were they?

None – I am not a DIY person so all of my decor was outsourced.

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Most memorable moments?

We enjoyed every moment of the 4 days and I must say just spending our special celebrations with our close friends and family are memorable moments.
Between the two of us, tying the knot in the temple with the rituals is definitely one and being able to celebrate together on our reception evening with our family and friends is another one.
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Any tips/tricks/advice for our future bridal couples out there?

Definitely, have an understanding between the two of you as a couple. There will be ups and downs, unexpected costs and unexpected events, but if both of you know what you want and what you agreed on then the planning is easier.
I planned in advance, I booked everything with my vendors so that they knew what I wanted to be delivered and then towards the end, I handed all the tasks over to my family so that they could take control and I could relax during the 4 days. That was the best decision because the 4 days of events were stress-free for us – the bridal couple just had to get done and show up 😉

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Your top vendor picks from your wedding day

My decor was by Exquisite Functions

 Kashmira Naran. http://www.exquisitefunctions.co.za

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My invitations and event stationery was done by Ishk Event Art


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My wedding photography was done by Minisha Ramudu Photography


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My pre-wedding event photography was done by Hemisha Bhana Photography


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My videography was done by ADD Ventures